I traveled to Yunnan in June 2018 with the North American Rock Garden Society on a trip to study the alpine flora of NW Yunnan up to the Tibetan border near the mountains that separate the Mekong , Salween, and Yangzi Rivers. The mountain range there is named the Meili Xue Shan, whose highest peak, Kawagebo reaches over 22000' and is holy to all Tibetans.  All during that trip, I could not keep from imagining how that country must be in the Autumn. In a good year, Birch, Maple, Cherry, Oak, Larch, and many other plants provide a display only equaled by the forests of Eastern North America in that season. In addition to the fall color of woody plants, the last of the alpine plants that flower just before snow covers them for the winter put on an amazing display, These galleries include images from a Fall trip made this year to see just this display. We started in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, and traveled North and West into NW Sichuan to mountain ranges that reached near 20000' near the peak of fall color.  Along the way, we travelled through the traditional territory of several groups of native peoples- the Naxi, the Yi, the Miao, the Tibetans, and more.  We also passed through villages, towns, and cities of the region that are iconic- Kunming, Lijiang, Yading, Shangrila, Songpan, Chengdu, and more.